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What we do

Take your monogram or logo and have it etched with love and care into glass or crystal.

Hand Etched

Using your monogram or logo every piece is carefully enhanced by hand creating a top quality etch. Our high quality etching allows us to work with finer hand made glasses, and lets us reach surfaces that common laser etching can not reach. Putting this together we create masterpieces with true care and finesse.

Custom Made

No two designs are the same. Each and every piece is custom made to your order. Our design approach allows us to create a unique design for every piece. Add your own names or special enhancements to every piece for a unparalleled and unique touch.

Color Fill

Adding another level to personalize your experience, we offer the option to provide a lasting color fill to any etched area. Using pigmented wax mixed with fine metallic powder, these colors add a boldness that traditional etched glass hasn't seen.

Who We Are

We are Pure Michigan

Born and bred in Michigan we began etching glass, enthralled with its simple elegance. Slowly turning into a business we kept that original love and passion for pure quality and beauty. We grew from small favors to large orders. As our team grew we spread that joy to others creating a warm and respectful environment. Now with orders that can vary from a single unique piece to hundreds of pieces, we keep that warmth and engage our customers in a friendly and personable manner. Work together with us and see how we can make your event a warm and personal party.

Types of things we do

Beer Glass


Nothing is more subconscious than the cup that you drink from. Brand your events glasses with a personal logo for a lasting effect that people will remember forever!


Everyone has nice flowers, but only a few make the flowers theirs! Change a typical bouquet of flowers into a personal experience.


Unique pitchers can be added to any table to add a touch of style and flare not otherwise obtainable.

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